Why Send out a Press Release

You need to send out a press release. You have something going on that people need to know about. Here’s a list of ideas.

Think of it as free advertising. Think of it as a different way to reach your customers.

You can do a press release on just about anything. Some ideas are better than others, yes.

A good press release makes an announcement that is news. It tells people something has changed at your business. It tells people something they want to know and need to know.

There is no catch.

You decide what the press release needs to cover. Hire someone? Do a press release. Win an award? Definitely time to issue a release. Expanding? That’s certainly something to brag about. You can even do an announcement to tell people about a big sale you are having.

You need to remember a press release is news. It’s not meant to last forever. The most successful businesses send out press releases at least once a month up to two or three times a week.

Don’t know what to write? Don’t know how to write a press release? You don’t have to know. We do.

Here’s a form you can fill out.

We’ll get back to you and tell you what we can do.

We write. We send you the release. When you approve it, we’ll even distribute it globally for you. You take care of local distribution. That means you take the PR to your local newspaper, radio and TV station. We take care of the rest of the world.

So what’s this going to cost? It’s cheap. You can’t buy this kind advertising this cheaply.

What Can We Write for You?

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