What do you edit?

If you write it in English, we can edit it. We edit to Associated Press Style requirements, modern American English requirements and common American scholastic requirements. We do not edit for Canadian, European or Australian English idioms.

Do you write books?

Sometimes. Please contact Ben or Shag for details.

What kinds of grant applications do you write?

This is handled on an individual basis. Please contact us for particulars.

How much are papers?

Papers are quoted on an individual basis. Contact Shag for details.

Do you guarantee a grade?

We guarantee the writing and the mechanics. Mechanics are the quotes, grammar and how sources are attributed.

Do you write term papers?

Yes. Shag writes scholastic papers through college undergraduate level. He does not write graduate level papers, thesis or doctorate papers.

Do you write SEO?

Yes. You give us the keywords and we will write to those words. SEO keywords should appear at a rate of no more than 10 percent in the articles we write for you.

Will you review my website and tell me what I need?

Yes. We will check existing pages for spelling and grammar, content and make suggestions. We’ll suggest what pages you need and what pages you do not need.

Will you create/maintain my website?

No. We do partner with companies which will create and maintain your website. We will write the content for it.

Will you post the blog you wrote for me to your blog site?

We have a blog site where we will post your blog. We do not guarantee readers.

What should I blog?

Anything. We do recommend you pick something important to you or about your industry and business. Your blogs mostly need to be about that. But you can have blogs about other topics now and then. You decide.

How often should I blog?

We recommend a least once a month to three times a week. You decide.

How long does a PR last?

It’s news, so it is dated. Most PR stays online about 2 years, but as it gets older, it drops down in the Google ranks.

Do you guarantee people will see my PR?

We guarantee it will appear online and be distributed if you let us write to the distribution site requirements.

Do you guarantee my PR will be accepted?

Yes, if you let us write what the distribution agencies require.

Do I have to have a phone number on the PR?

Yes, if you want it accepted by the PR distributors. You must also have a contact person. A URL and email are recommended.

Do I have to be quoted in the PR?

Someone needs to be quoted. It’s not a requirement, but it makes your PR much better. If you don’t want to be quoted, Shag can serve as your company spokesman in the release. No extra charge.

Will you distribute my PR?

Yes. If you let us write to the PR distribution sites’ requirements, we guarantee acceptance. If you don’t want it written to the requirements, we’ll still write it, but do not guarantee acceptance. No refunds on the no guarantee releases.

Do I have to do that many?

No. You decide how many you want to do and when you want to do them.

How many PRs should I do?

We recommend no more than three a week and at least one a week.

When can I do a press release?

Any time.

I like/don’t like an issue. Will you write my opinion about it?

Yes. We just need to know your opinion.

What do you write?

We write. We can tell you if the topic is newsworthy according to the distribution sites. If it is and we’re allowed to write to their requirements, we guarantee distribution.

How far does it go?

That depends on the distribution level you choose. It also depends on the topic. If it is important, interesting and relevant, it will spread. We have seen some press releases appear on more than 5,000 websites. We cannot guarantee your PR will go viral. It depends on the topic and meeting the PR distribution site requirements.

Will you distribute my PR?

We will try. If it does not meet the distribution requirements, we will not guarantee it will be accepted. There are no refunds.

Can I write my own press release?


How much does it cost?

We have a price list here.

Can I put my name on what you write?


Who owns the things you write?

You do. All yours.

What Can We Write for You?

Please fill out the details here and on following pages so we can understand your writing project better