Getting what you need from a writing service

Good writing should have an objective. Inform. Entertain. Spark discussion. Draw people in.

Think about what you want to do. Now, think about what you need the writing to do.

You want your writing to establish you as an authority. Everything else is secondary. Yes, it is.

People do business with you because they respect you. They trust you. They believe you. They have faith in your ability to deliver. In other words, you are an authority.

When you build a reputation as an expert, people will seek you out. That’s what you want. When people start coming to you, you convert them into paying customers.

So how do you become an expert? By showing people you know your stuff.

That’s where Baker Brothers Easy Handling Watermelon System comes in. We write for you. You publish the articles under your name. (We actually prefer it this way.) You become the expert. People begin to turn to you. You turn them into paying and repeat customers.


To stay an expert, you have to keep reminding people. You need to stay on top of trends in your industry and tell people about them. You need to comment on important news that affects your business and your customers.

Persistence pays off according to experts Quora interviews. Michael Stawicki probably put it best when he said, “ Let me ask you the question with a twist: Does breathing pay off?”


Our most popular services is Press Releases. LinkedIn has reasons why you should send out a press release.

Before you order, please understand if you want a press release, then you should have the following:

  • Name of someone to quote
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • URL/website

Yes, we can write your PR without this information. You can add it later. You can leave it out.

Without this information it will not be accepted by Press Release distribution companies. PRWeb is one of the biggest distribution companies on the planet. Where they go, others follow. Their editorial guidelines state, “PRWeb press releases must contain a valid phone number and e-mail address in the contact information.”

You make the call. We write for you, but our guarantees do not apply if you do not follow our recommendations. If we’re allowed to write what we know works, we guarantee your PR will be accepted.


Our second most popular service is blogs, like what you are reading now. We can blog just about anything. We write your opinion, your advice, your information. You may ask us to write a blog that we personally disagree with. You’ll never know it. We’re going to deliver out best effort to express what you want said.

Yes, we don’t have a lot of blogs on our website. We’re too busy writing blogs for customers!


Shag and Ben are expects at research, so you don’t have to be. When we write blogs, white papers and research papers, we embed links into the article. These links are part of our research.

The links give your readers a chance to go even deeper into what your blog talks about.

One worry you don’t have is those links. We will never link to your competition, unless you specifically ask for that. We will use your competition for research, but no one except Ben and Shag will ever know.

We will find articles in respectable general interest media and link to them. Some of our most popular media links are: Forbes, The NY Times, The Washington Post, NPR, The LA Times, The Houston Chronicle, the BBC, The Times of London, The Motley Fool and the Wall Street Journal. if you have media outlets you want used, we’ll link to them. If you have media outlets you’d rather not use, we’ll avoid them.

Whenever possible, we link to the original source. This is the most authoritative and reliable way to link. If you need a blog about a court decision, we link to the actual court filings, rather than news reports that discuss the decision. It’s important that your opinion be based on information right from the source.

That builds trust in your readers. It establishes you as an authority.

We link to explanatory websites like Nolo.com, one of the most respected legal information websites around.

We generally avoid Wikipedia because it has a reputation, whether accurate or not, of being less than correct all the time. We do use Wikipedia to find original source material, which we link to. Ben has been an Wikipedia contributor for years now.


You hire an expert because you value their abilities and experience. Expert and experience share the same root word, after all.

You get the best results when you let the experts take your idea and deliver it. The more you attempt to micromanage, the less the experts will be able to do. After all, you don’t tell a surgeon how wide to make an incision. You get the best results when you allow the creativity to run free.


When you order writing from Baker Brothers, you are paying for professional writers. Shag is a high school Latin and English teacher with a master’s degree. He has access to the University of Georgia education archives for scholastic work like term papers. Ben is a newspaper publisher and editor with 30+ years experience. He’s gathered more than 100 state, regional, national and company awards for his work in communications.

When you hire us, you are hiring nearly 60 years of experience in writing. You are hiring a company that delivers quality at reasonable (some say too low) prices.

We write. What can we write for you?


Getting your release distributed

We get a lot of requests to distribute press releases, which we do.

A lot of people walk into the idea of press releases and distribution as if their announcement is going to be Page 1 news on newspapers, the lead story on the nightly news and a viral announcement going around the world.

When this doesn’t happen, the person who bought the PR gets mad and says press releases don’t work.

PR does work. But you have to have realistic expectations. A recent customer ordered a press release about a beauty products website he has. He planned to self-distribute and send it to:

Our distribution services cover these websites. We’ll even send it to the Associated Press for you, but we will not guarantee the AP accepts it.

For the beauty aids client, Associated Press won’t touch his press release. It was all advertising and not news from the AP perspective. Ben is a veteran journalist and hundreds of articles picked up and published by the Associated Press. He knows what they want and a thinly-disguised advertisement is not it.

The other websites will accept his press release. It will be posted and a few hours later, immediately buried in the avalanche of other press releases.

If the client was willing to drop some money, place by PRBuzz and SBWire will bump the release up and add it to the distribution lists they mail out. Getting on PRBuzz’ (and other companies) media distribution list is not cheap. Is it effective? It can be if you have a really good press releases with a very broad appeal.

What is broad appeal? Pick 100 people at random on the street. Broad appeal means it will be interesting to more than 70 people. Of those 70 people, probably 20 maximum would be interested in the high-end beauty products sold by the client’s website.

But it has to be newsworthy. Is your press release really newsworthy? What makes it worth reading to someone has no idea who you are or what your company does?

Here’s an explanation of why you need to do a press release. After you read that, here’s a list of proven and successful press release topics.

If you need help, we’re here for you.


We ride, Pancho!

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!

Most humbly do I take my leave, my lord.

The older I get the more I appreciate the words of Shakespeare, regardless who wrote ’em.

This morning, I got up and amid my Saturday a.m. putterings, I came to a decision. It was helped by an NPR story on a candidate for president. I decided whom I will vote for in the coming primary.

Far more than anything the news has presented, this decision was a direct result of my friends, all of you, who post about politics.

I must digress briefly. I tell you I am a rebel. I object to being told what to do.

I fight authority, Authority always wins
I fight authority, Authority always wins
I been doing it since I was a young kid
I come out grinnin’
I fight authority, Authority always wins

Well, I don’t always come out grinnin’. Sometimes I come out cussing. Sometimes I come out … let’s just say upset. Every so often, not nearly as often as I’d like, I win. Sometimes, when I win, I regret it, Not because I won, but because my win means other people have to suffer. They suffer because they would not accept reality and I brought reality crashing down on their heads.

That hurts. But, life hurts.

So why fight? Because it is who I am. Been doing for as long as I can remember and I probably will keep fighting.

A lot of people. TC being the most vocal, but absolutely not the first, have accused me of tilting at windmills. You see a windmill. I see a dragon with a windmill glamour.

So back on topic.

I have friends who are so vehement about the coming presidential election, you’d think they have money invested in the outcome. They do have money invested in the outcome. So do you. More than that, we all have rights invested in the outcome.

Folks are hurling invective the way Jackson Pollock painted. They are busy attacking the windmill because it is green and it must be yellow. The other side sees yellow and says it must be green.

It ain’t a windmill folks. The color of the dragon does not mean a f’dangin’ thing when your head gets bitten off.

When the General Primary comes along, I have decided whom I will vote for. I will vote for my choice ONLY for these two reasons.

1) There is so much hate aimed at the candidate.

2) Those slinging the arrows of outrageous fortune believe there is a difference between their chosen windmill color and the other chosen windmill.

So, I will vote. I will vote to prove the difference between green and yellow is irrelevant and almost non existent. Colors are a division in the spectrum of radiation. If the entire spectrum was laid out on a yardstick, you could not see the difference between yellow and green except with an electron microscope.

The difference is not enough to matter.

And so, in the general primary I will vote. I will vote because I am tired of hate, tired of invective, tired of people who refuse to believe the dragon is real even when the dragon is busy eating their friends,

I will vote. I do not believe the person I will vote for is suited to run the country. No-one in the General Primary is capable of running the country. I will vote. Then no matter who wins the presidency, it will not matter. If the person I vote for in the primary wins the presidency, we will all lose. If another in the primary wins the general election, we will all lose.

I will vote. I will vote because so many of you spew so much hate. I will vote, not because I want to, but because I am a rebel. The oxymoron in this is not lost on me.

So, yes, I have decided whom I will vote for in the General Primary.


It means what it says

I have learned more about Justice Scalia since his demise.

I also have learned I like some of what he said about the Constitution. He said the Constitution should be considered and interpreted in the light of the times in which is was written. In other words, look at what was meant in the late 1700s to understand the Constitution.

I like that. The more I think on it, the more I like it. Across the board.

Now some people are going to immediately rip into me about what the original Constitution has to say on many things, including slavery, women’s rights and etc.

In other words, look at what was meant in the late 1700s to understand the Constitution. Read the Constitution.

I’ll come back to that in a moment.

Scalia, among other things, said the federal government has no business telling a woman she can have an abortion. He also said the fed boyos have no business telling a woman she cannot have an abortion. His reasoning was abortion is NOT mentioned in the Constitution, ergo is a matter left to the states.

For those saying I’m now an idiot (and you may be right), I point out abortion is mentioned in the Bible. It was also available at the time the Constitution was written.

Further, under the Constitution, I’d argue that states have no right to have a say on abortion. See the 14th Amendment for particulars. This Amendment makes the Constitution apply to state governments.

Since I’m on the topic of Amendments, there’s yer segue. Look at Article 5. Here’s pretty good explanation of Article 5.

Real clear. Real simple. If the Constitution does not address the matter, it’s left to the people. If the Constitution does address the matter, look at what was meant WHEN THAT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN.

If there’s an issue, Amend the Constitution. It’s been done in my lifetime. Sometimes, Amending the Great Document is a mistake. The 18th Amendment was a mistake. The 21st Amendment undid the mistake.

Slavery was repealed VIA AMENDMENT!

The right to vote was AN AMENDMENT!

The only clause I can think of right now which should be interpreted in light of modern mores is the Cruel and Unusual punishment clause.

I was taught in school the Constitution is a “living document.” It’s not. If the Founding Fathers mean the Constitution to cover everything, Article 5 would not be a part of the document. The ability to Amend the Constitution is the Founding Father’s guarantee that it CAN be adapted to things they could not foresee.

Interpret the words based on the time they were written. If you have issues, attempt an Amendment.

And let the flaming commence.

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